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jellorock's Journal

19 August
Excel Saga is Love!
♥♥ Excel Saga is Love ♥♥
Made by icyred

It was near two in the morning. The old man was crossing Sunset Blvd. His name was Cedric and he drank wine. earlier that evening, he had offered to park a car for a yuppie couple on thier way into a restaurant. The yuppie male wanted to punch good old
Cedric's lights out for even talking to him. The yuppie female cooled him out. The male gave Cedric a five dollar bill to show her how he was in control of his macho shithead emotions he was. He would use this as a bargaining ploy to get up her skirt later on that night. She knew it and thought it was a cute gesture... Just so you know, it worked.

Anyway, good old Cedric was crossing the street and a car turing left crossed infront of him. Cedric noticed that the car's lights were off and he yelled at the driver to turn his lights on, he could cause an accident. Cedric was very observant about things like this. At that moment, a young boy popped up in the back seat. He couldn't have been more then fifteen years old. the boy fired two .22 slugs into Cedric's stomach. Cedric folded silently into the intersection of Sunsent and Maltman. The car drove off.

Just be glad it wansn't you
Now shut the fuck up and watch some MTV
-Henry Rollins Black coffee blues

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So do what you must. Do all you can break all the fucking rules and go to hell with superman and die like a champion YA HAY.
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